Fit Tips for the College Crowd

The college years can be some of the greatest years of your life. They are also a time when many let their health slip, and this can set the stage for bad habits that will stay with you as you get older; when your body will be less resilient, and less forgiving ,of  shoddy diets, lack of exercise and other poor lifestyle choices. Your have a jam-packed class schedule, you are busy with studying, and countless social opportunities are calling your name. It is all too easy to say you are too busy to exercise. But, there is always time to tend to our health—we just need to rearrange things a bit and shift priorities. If you are a college student who wants to make a stronger commitment to physical fitness, here are some tips to help you accomplish this worthwhile goal.

Make a Plan

This tips sounds ultra-obvious, but it is one step that many people fail to take when trying to make positive changes in their life, whether the goal is to exercise regularly or be more organized. Simply saying you want to work out more is a great, but if you make no serious effort to make it happen, it will never become your reality. You need to sit down, take a good look at your schedule and see where you can find the time for exercise. Do you have time to bike or walk to classes rather than drive or take the bus? Do you need to bring your workout clothes with you to a certain class so you can hit the gym afterwards? Be realistic as well. If you absolutely hate mornings, do not try to make yourself work out at 6 am every day before your classes at eight.

Look into Group Activities

College campuses are typically overflowing with all sorts of group activities. Signing up for some sort of club or team can be a great way to get your exercise in. The structure of a regularly scheduled event may be good for you if you have trouble disciplining yourself and making time for exercise. You will be around other people, and this makes it more fun than working out on your own. No matter what your preference, I am sure you can find a sport or activity to your liking.

The Little Things Add Up

Regular physical activity is not about formal, schedule workouts—it is about consistently moving around. Whenever you read about the healthiest populations in the world, they are always simple people living a simple life where physical activity is a regular part of their day, whether farming, herding their sheep, or walking to the market every day. They are not hitting the gym or working with personal trainers. Do not underestimate the little things that can add up to big numbers of calories being burned. Walk to your classes when you can—if they are really far apart, park your car a bit farther or get off a few stops earlier on the inter-campus bus to get some extra walking in. Take the stairs to the lecture hall on the fourth floor rather than an elevator.