Going back to the gym

In the end not only is it permitted to do this experiment; the conscience of method demands it. Not to assume several kinds of causality until the operation of making do with a single one has been pushed to its utmost limit (to the point of nonsense if I may say so) The question is in the end whether we recognize the will as efficient.

Whether we believe in the causality of the will: if we doand at bottom our faith in this is nothing less than our belief in causality itselfthen we have to make the experiment of posting causality of the will hypothetically as the only one. Will, of course, can affect only willand not matter (not nerves, for example). In short, one has to risk the hypothesis whether will does not affect will wherever effects are recognizedand whether all routine occurrences are not, insofar as a force is active in them, will force, effects of will.

Yesterday was a test, I did my big workout on Friday, I did my work sesh, it was such a great feeling. Today I hope to replicate said sense, Ill be going back today after my 8.75km/3.72mi run at Lane Cove National Park, which is a great spot to run in the first place. I am also planning on doing about two hours at the gym today with 1 and half hours of weights and 30 minutes of cardio.

Lane Cove Riverside Walk

My step count

I had finally ordered my 5.4 plan meals for this week lets see how they pan out as I was hoping for them to be yummy.

I have a big long term plan for this week. I will be doing my usual routine of morning calisthenics, 4km a day plus swimmings on odd days and pt on even days.

I have my meals arriving today; I am quite excited about eating them on the menu for tonight is Chicken and Broccoli Stir Fry for dinner after my big hit out tonight with a few friends at personal training.

Tomorrow is my Rostered Day Off which means a 3.2km/1.9mi run at 9.45am than gym hit out at 10.30am and finish at 1.30pm after 2 hours of weights and an hour of cardio.

I cant wait to tuck into my 5.4 meal after my workout itll be my reward for a job well done. I wont be running this afternoon as my father who is also my carpool is tired and hot, so no run which blows.

I intend to push myself to the limit of what my insurance levels tomorrow look into the precipice and try and push myself beyond it. I mean to wallop the wall and say I made it.

I never want to be the fat joke ever again, I want to be proud of the way I look, not ashamed, I will be standing tall having my daughter being proud of her daddy, rather than slightly disgusted with having an obese father. I will never again be this big, I make this promise to myself, my family and friends to never go back. I am enjoying this journey more so than I expected, if I push for another year, I will look like an adonis rather than something from the black lagoon. In my observations for a long time, I noticed a few things about people, they tend to take you more seriously if you are better looking and healthy looking rather than looking like a blimp.

As the majestic Siberian Tiger pounces on its prey, I will pounce on this goal of being healthy and looking good for the rest of my life, never again being obese, NEVER AGAIN.

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I feel that this time I will accomplish my goal not fail, I will push and push until I can become a fantastic healthy man again.

Tonight is the tonight to push again.

My equipment I use now is my Fitbit, my water bottle, my towel and my heart rate monitor. I thank Dave for my Heart Rate Monitor.

Well, I havent got any more to post will post some more blogs tomorrow.

Have a good evening