How to get visible, rock hard abdominals

Its Saturday night and you’re throwing a house party what do you want more a keg or 6 pack? What if I asked a slightly different question? It’s Saturday afternoon and you’re at the beach what would you rather have a stomach that looks like a keg or a 6 pack? Guys everywhere see fitness models and athletes with perfectly chiseled abdominal muscles and then they hear their girlfriends, wives and female friends fawn over how good those abdominals look and how they would eat chocolate syrup and whip cream off of those abs any day of the week. Then these guys go home and do crunches until they are blue in the face, feel the pain the next day think that they will have rock hard abs any day now and keep doing that day in and day out. Now I really hate to burst your bubble but this approach to obtaining abs will never work. In fact I challenge you to do 100 crunches or sit ups a day for the next month. You will not see abdominals. I will even go as far to challenge you to do 1,000 crunches per day for the next month and you still won’t see abdominals.

The one and only secret to obtaining those rock hard visible abdominals that you want so badly is through a proper diet and cardio. I will tell you another secret, under all of your excess body fat you have, you have the exact same physique and maybe even better in some cases than those fitness models and athletes whose physiques you envy. Now I can already hear the grinding gears in your mind as you think about the possibility of what you may look like.

To make it simple muscles need to attach to bones, ligaments and tendons to make them move, and allow you to move. Now body fat is excess energy storage you really don’t need it to do anything else so it will sit overtop of your muscles and will spread out over your entire body. However body fat doesn’t spread out evenly around your body in men body fat likes to hang out in the stomach and in women body fat likes the hips and thighs. Where body fat is stored is also largely dependent on diet, activity and genetics. When it comes to diet a man that drinks a lot of beer and eats a lot of processed foods will generally have a large stomach, and doing additional activities will help reduce it but will still be there. Now a man with a good diet that does little for activities and is still consuming a calorie surplus won’t have as large of a stomach and fat will distribute more evenly around the body but there will still be no abdominals that are visible.

We need to put all of this information together now to understand how to get those beautiful visible abs that you desire to show through on you. Have you had your body fat % tested recently? Do you know what it is? The one thing in common that all men with visible abdominals have is a low body fat %. A common benchmark for body fat % and abdominals is somewhere in the 10% 15% range your abdominals should be visible, this isn’t concrete as every person is different and at this point genetics plays a major role. A prime example of this would be some strong men they have a fairly high body fat % but you can see still see some big abdominal outlines. Conversely some people that can’t gain muscle can be 10% body fat and look flat like a wall. But the main point is if you lower your body fat % enough your abdominals will become visible eventually.

How do you go about losing all that extra body fat especially around the midsection? First of all you need fix your diet and start eating clean, remove processed foods and beer from your diet those will do nothing to help get rid of body fat. Once you get your diet in check then you need to reduce your calorie intake or increase your activity levels and by doing this you will, slowly but surely lose body fat especially around the midsection and depending on your starting point you could have those rock hard visible abs within months of starting this.